TOP 25 Best Bass Rap Songs

Many rap tracks include a bass-heavy sound. It is certain to excite and energize everyone. Blast your speakers with heavy bass rap tracks whether you are on a road trip or just chilling out at home with some buddies.

Although there are numerous songs with powerful bass, these are some of the best bass rap songs.

Listen to these songs. It sounds amazing!

Best Bass Rap Songs: TOP 25 You’ll Love

Here are the rap songs with strong bass that will still be in style in 2022.

1. “Loud” – Mac Miller

Mac Miller - Loud (Prod. by Big Jerm & Sayez)

“Loud” by Mac Miller is at the top of our list of the rap songs with the best bass.

Loud, which Rostrum Records created, was made available in March 2012. It is the third song on the Macadelic mixtape and the lead single. The music video for the rap mirrors the lyrics, which are about money, females, and drugs.

The latter begins playing a clip with the message Don’t Do Drugs that glows in the dark. In a pitch-black studio, it also features dancers wearing masks. The song’s remix, which included British rapper Benny Banks, was released in May 2012.

2. “Act a Fool” (Anbroski Remix) – Lil Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia

Lil Jon ft. Three 6 Mafia - Act a Fool (Anbroski Remix)

3. “In Da Club” (CryJaxx, Noise Affairs & Junior Charles Remix) – 50 Cent

50 Cent - In Da Club (CryJaxx & Noise Affairs, Junior Charles Remix)

4.  “Astronaut In The Ocean” (Soner Karaca Remix) – Masked Wolf

Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean (Soner Karaca Remix)

5. “I Am God” – Kanye West

I Am A God

Without a question, Kanye West is one of the most well-known individuals in the American Hip Hop scene, and whether you agree with him or not, you have to admit that he is a musical genius. It is clear from Kanye’s 70 Grammy nominations, 22 of which he ultimately won. Your speaker will undoubtedly struggle to handle the bass in the perfect song “I am a God,” which boasts one of the sickest rhythms ever.

6. “We Dem Boyz” – Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz [Official Video]

Wiz has established himself as one of the finest rappers of all time and, like Kanye, is a legendary figure in the American Hip Hop scene. The good bass rap song “We Dem Boyz” is frequently cited as one of the finest songs the rapper has ever written, and one of the key factors in this is the sick rhythm. The song’s lyrics are one of the extra perks. They just have such universal appeal.

7. “Believe Me” – Lil Wayne featuring Drake

Believe Me

Believe Me is a smooth-flowing rap song that Lil Wayne and Drake, two of the most well-known hip-hop artists, collaborated on. Prior to being made available for digital download in 2014, it began airing on urban contemporary radio stations in 2013.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. shared a portion of the music video on his Instagram profile a month before the song’s official release, which thrilled fans all around the world.

8. “Magnolia” – Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti - Magnolia (Official Video)

With the release of his self-titled debut mixtape, Playboi Carti, he gained enormous popularity. The song Magnolia, which introduced people to Carti’s distinctive sound, was regarded as the project’s hymn of celebration.

This song has been streamed more than 500 million times on Spotify, and many hip hop songs fans have had hazy experiences with it.

9. “Higher” – Eminem

Eminem - Higher (Official Video) Explicit

Rap song featuring a noticeably constant bass beat from Eminem’s most recent albums, Music to be Murdered By and Music to be Murdered By – Side B, Higher. Only Eminem’s solo rap line, which is less forceful than normal for the rapper, and the four-beat bass and snare rhythm make up the song’s sparse texture.

Eminem added vocal lines to the chorus to add to the texture, but the bass is still quite audible. The bass is a very noticeable part of the music because of how thin the texture of the song is.

10. “Put On” – Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy - Put On (Official Music Video) ft. Kanye West

The song “Put on” will rock your speaker! It deserves to be among our top 25 rap songs with the best bass. Rapper Young Jeezy’s third studio album, “The Recession,” contains the song “Put On.” On June 3, 2008, this song — featuring Kanye West — was made available as the album’s lead single.

Additionally, “Put On” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. Additionally, it has appeared in several video games, such as “Skate 3” and “Midnight Club: Los Angeles.”

11. “Yamborghini High” – A$AP Mob (Juicy J)

A$AP Mob - Yamborghini High (Official Video - Explicit) ft. Juicy J

The A$AP Mob wants to honor A$AP Yams’ memory with this party anthem after he passed away in 2015.

Yamborghini High, with its catchy chorus and strong rhymes from the A$AP crew, pays homage to Yams.

12. “Man of the Year” – Schoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q - Man Of The Year

Man of the Year, a track by American hip-hop musician Schoolboy Q’s first album Oxymoron, was released in 2013. The song was previously featured on the soundtrack for NBA Live 14.

It’s also used as a teaser in the Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe music video by Kendrick Lamar. Music critics have a generally favourable opinion of the song. The subject of the song is a man who thinks he is the man of the year, as the title of the song pretty well makes clear.

13. “You Can Do It” – Ice Cube

Ice Cube - You Can Do It (Official Video)

There are a lot of excellent Ice Cube heavy bass rap songs that might be included on this list. But we ultimately chose what was definitely one of his lighter selections.

Ironically, the most enjoyable rap music that Cube has created also strikes the hardest in terms of loudness and extreme bass. This song’s bass is so intense that you might fear the vibration it creates in your house will knock the sound system off its stand and send it tumbling to the floor.

14. “London” – BIA (Feat. J. Cole)

BIA - LONDON (Official Music Video) ft. J. Cole

J. Cole will make a cameo appearance on BIA’s brand-new song, “LONDON.” In conjunction with the song’s release, the pair collaborated on a professionally made music video.

BIA raps about landing in the titular English city as the song’s opening line. She shops and strolls her pet dalmatians along the street in the following image.

Cole comes with a quick-fire verse of his own after BIA mentions snatching up new Prada, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

15. “Gotta Have It” – Kanye West and Jay Z

Gotta Have It-Kanye West and Jay-Z

Bass-heavy rap tracks are so prevalent that it is practically hard to list them without naming Kanye West and Jay Z. Gotta Have It, a product of their cooperation, was released in 2011 as a track on their Watch the Throne album. The prosperity and economy of the United States are central to the song’s topic.

Additionally, the song’s sound and wordplay were complimented by music reviewers. The song was certified platinum. In the meanwhile, it peaked at position 60 on the American Billboard Hot 100 and position 13 in the American Hot Rap Songs.

16. “Lost” – Gorilla Zoe

Gorilla Zoe - Lost (Official Music Video)

Lost, a song from the 2008 album Don’t Feed Da Animals, has received praise for its techno production and the auto-tuned delivery of the reflective words of the verse. The song’s debut position on the Billboard Hot 100 was number 93.

The 71st position was its highest ascent, where it remained for 11 weeks. The appearance of other rappers in the music video was a cameo.

17. “Violent” – Tupac


One of the most recognizable names in gangster hip-hop and gangsta rap is Tupac Shakur. Violent, one of his most well-known pieces, discusses precisely what its title implies.

The lyrics have a powerful message, as you can see if you pay close attention. He discussed how he resists oppressors and justified his actions as self-defense. Furthermore, he observes that the police frequently accuse him of being aggressive only based on his appearance.

18. “Go Legend” – Big Sean

Big Sean - Go Legend (feat. Travis Scott) [Prod. By Metro Boomin]

Big Sean works with Travis Scott and Metro Boomin on this bass-heavy rap. The song had its premiere during Lollapalooza in 2017. The song’s rhythm, according to Big Sean, was created by Metro. You can tell it’s a song about a fantastic friendship by listening to the lyrics.

It also discusses how he feels when strangers criticise him, but he refuses to let that derail him. Instead, it inspired him to overcome obstacles and persevere in the face of uncertainty.

19. “Numbers on the Board” – Pusha T

Pusha T - Numbers On The Boards (Explicit)

The song originally gained popularity after Kanye West posted a clip of it on Twitter. As a component of Pusha T’s first studio album, My Name is My Name, it was made available in 2013. Many critics have praised it, claiming that it contains near-perfect hip-hop and a continuous bass blur.

20. “Blazin’” – Nicki Minaj and Kanye West


This song’s bass is a little tricky since it alternates between low and high notes.

While this song’s base is what keeps you bobbing your head along (along with the fact that Nicki and Ye collaborated on it), it also boasts soaring highs, which makes for a truly special listening experience.

21. “Power” – Kanye West


This song is such a persistent, hammering hymn. In fact, the song has such a victorious vibe that we’re still surprised it isn’t played in sporting events or even movie trailers.

The song “Power” contains one of Kanye’s most enduring beats, despite the fact that he has developed a long, highly enduring list of amazing beats, thanks to the bass that sounds like a repeating loop and the repeated phrases “no one man should have all this power.”

22. “Man” – Skepta

Skepta - Man (Official Video)

The chorus of a Skpeta song from 2016 incorporates a variety of bass sounds. An ostinato with midrange notes may be heard in the beginning, but the first line introduces a powerful percussive base. It is somewhat higher in pitch than the typical bass, but neither resonant nor high enough to constitute a snare.

A broad range of bass sounds is introduced starting in the first iteration of the chorus. A deeper, more aggressive bass drum sound is used to accentuate the original percussive bass in addition to the original bass. A sequence of low brass instrument sounds is present on a different rhythmic line, accentuating the beats that the bass drum can’t quite reach.

The resonance of the song’s bass notes is warmed up by these deep brass tones. Even without the lyrics, the sheer variety of bass sounds in this song conveys a buzz in and of itself.

23. “Go Hard” – I QUE


I QUE is undoubtedly the most subdued rapper on any of these playlists, but he did make decent music with powerful bass, so credit where credit is due. Rap music is about what gets the listener pumped up, not always about huge names!

24. “Lose Yourself” (ONUR KOC Remix) – Eminem | FAST & FURIOUS [Han’s Scene]

Eminem - Lose Yourself (ONUR KOC Remix) | FAST & FURIOUS [Han's Scene]

25. “Get Low” (Madness Remix) – Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

Lil Jon - Get Low (MVDNES Remix) | NEED FOR SPEED Vibes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best rap song with the most bass?
“Loud” by Mac Miller is one of the most well-known and well-known music of best bass rap songs.

Mac Miller, who sadly passed away at the early age of 26, left behind songs that amused millions and will live on in remembrance of him forever. By defying the norms of the day, Mac Miller discovered his uniqueness and creative zenith. The tunes Mac Miller left us that will be cherished for ages will serve as a constant reminder of his existence, and his legacy will carry on in perpetuity. The majority of listeners will be familiar with this bass-heavy tune.


What are the best rap songs with bass?


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