Bose Sleepbuds 3 wishlist: All the features I want to see

The users are highly wondering what’s the release date for the Bose Sleepbuds 3, one of the most unique products Bose has ever had.

The Sleepbuds 2 received the best responses from customers thanks to Noise-Masking Technology designed for better sleep.

Here I’d want to show everything we know about the Bose Sleepbuds III. Also, I added a few features we’d like to have within this device.

Our customers’ satisfaction is the ultimate measure of our success. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations, not just meeting them.

Bose Corporation
Sleepbuds 2

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The Release Date of Sleepbuds 3

Let’s remember the release dates of previous models.

Bose sleepbuds releases

  1. Sleepbuds – June 21, 2018
  2. Sleepbuds 2 – October 6, 2020

Although Bose has not yet announced the release of their new model, there’s good news: Sleepbuds 3 release date will take place in 2024, but under a different brand name. For more details, continue reading.

Important Notice: The estimated release date is based on the release schedules of previous models and should not be considered official. I want to remind you that the actual release date may vary due to a variety of factors, including production delays, changes in company policy, or external economic conditions. I strive to keep the information as current as possible, but for the most accurate and reliable updates, I recommend checking the official Ozlo Sleepbuds website.

Startup Ozlo Purchased the Sleepbuds Brand from Bose

Three former Bose employees established a new startup named Ozlo and subsequently obtained the Sleepbuds trademark from Bose. Ozlo has meticulously redesigned the Sleepbuds, incorporating new batteries and other elements to prevent the hardware issues and glitches that Bose had experienced before.

And that means that version 3 will still exist. The startup Ozlo will use Kickstarter to introduce the Sleepbuds 3 to the market.

Sleepbuds 3

Credit: Ozlo Sleep, Kickstarter

The Price of the Sleepbuds 3

We can take a look at last year’s models to get an idea of what to expect. The starting retail prices for each were as follows:

  • The Sleepbuds – $249.95
  • The Sleepbuds 2 – $249.95

Now Ozlo is offering the Sleepbuds 3 on Kickstarter for an estimated price of $249, the same price Bose last offered. Eventually, the buds will also be available on Amazon and directly from the company.

Sleepbuds 3: Key Features and Updates

After analyzing user reviews of the model, I wrote out some features that could be in the next generation. Unfold the list to read more information:

Design and Battery Life

1. Resemble the older version.
2. Battery life of approximately 10 hours.

Enhanced Features

1. Biometric sensing technology: Monitors movement and respiration to detect when you’ve fallen asleep and analyze sleep stages.
2. Improved design: Ozlo made modifications to prevent hardware issues that earlier models faced.

Charging Case

1. Similar look but features Ozlo’s logo.
2. Advanced sensors to measure light, sound, and temperature for a better understanding of your sleep environment.

Integration with Mobile Apps

1. Provides a morning analysis of your sleep quality.
2. Local data processing: Ensures your health information isn’t sent to the cloud.
3. Option to share data with Apple Health or Android Health Connect.

Audio Capabilities

1. Can play regular music and a range of masking sounds.
2. Allows flexibility in choosing white noise sounds, catering to individual preferences.

Future Plans and Vision

1. Ozlo aims to expand the software capabilities for Sleepbuds.
2. Potential features include personalized sleep therapy and transitioning between masking sounds for optimal sleep.
3. The company plans to introduce an API for Android and iOS, signaling ambitious plans for the Sleepbuds’ future.
Please note that the assumptions made here are based on user feedback and do not represent confirmed information about the features of the Sleepbuds 3. Please follow the news on the official Ozlo Sleepbuds website.
Ozlo Sleepbuds
Do you suffer from Trash Sleep? Ozlo Sleepbuds can help!

Which upgrade do you really want to get from the Sleepbuds 3?


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In conclusion, the anticipation surrounding the release of Bose Sleepbuds 3 highlights the significant impact the previous versions had on the market, especially with their pioneering Noise-Masking Technology. While Bose has been silent about its next iteration, the emergence of startup Ozlo, formed by ex-Bose employees, brings renewed hope. They have not only taken over the Sleepbuds trademark but also intend to enhance and resolve past issues, gearing up for a launch via Kickstarter.

As the Sleepbuds series evolves, consumers can expect advanced features like biometric sensing, better battery life, and improved audio capabilities. Moreover, the alignment of the product price with its predecessors, and the promise of future expansions in software, demonstrate both a nod to the legacy of the product and a vision for its revolutionary future. For those keen on optimizing their sleep experience, the evolving world of Sleepbuds, with its blend of technology and comfort, continues to be an exciting space to watch.

As always, stay tuned for updates and official announcements about the Sleepbuds 3 on the official Ozlo website.

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  1. My guess is soon. I see they are no longer selling new Sleepbuds 2 on the site, only the refurbished ones. A sure sign that they are discontinuing.

  2. Bose better keep making these Sleepbuds. I don’t know how I’ll go on without them!

    • Same here; my left earbud produces no sound. I cleaned, did reset and reinstalled software. Seems expensive to keep replacing these every 2 years as this is my 2nd purchase, but what price sanity to get sleep with snoring or hotel guests when traveling!

    • I love these Sleepbuds 2.
      If they re-released the #2 version and it ALWAYS worked as it was supposed to I would buy it again. The issues with the battery and Bluetooth connections have me using the #2 version with sound only from one bud and intermittent disconnections until they sell something better.

      • One thing you could try is putting the ear-buds in stand alone mode. My left earbud was disconnecting all the time, but putting it in stand alone mode appeared to fix that at least for now.

        • Michele Varela July 19, 2023 at 11:58 am

          Hi David. How do you put it in stand alone mode. I have the same problem as most people with the left ear bud not connecting. It’s been like that for over a year! Thanks. Michele

        • AH… I have that same problem… But, wouldn’t you get crazy if you only hear the sound through one of the earbuds?

          I really apprieciate those sleepbuds because the surround sound…

  3. be nice to include other noise eg brown noise to fight this crazy tinnitus

    • Looking online for sleeepbuds- appears to be discontinued everywhere and unavailable as of this post. Fascinatingly enough, Amazon will let me purchase “sleepbuds II” and it says I would receive them March 2023. I wonder if they will just update the listing to “sleepbuds III” ) to keep their reviews… my partner snores so im watching this product and waiting for version 3 for sure

    • Check out Bonamour Sleep Ear Buds. The sound quality isn’t amazing, and the battery may not last the whole night depending on the version you buy…but they are bluetooth and include a library of sounds, including brown noise.

  4. I love and NEED Bose Sleep Buds. But I need them to work every night. I have bought two sets. One from the first set, a little over a year old, stopped working. One from the newer set, only three months old stopped working. I sent the two non-working buds back and got a replacement set, refurbished. Meanwhile, the day the refurbished set arrived, another of the ones I had stopped working for one night and then worked the next night. They are simply not dependable. When they work, they are the best thing going for a night’s sleep. I have high hopes for a Sleep Buds 3 that is dependable.

  5. I am now on my third set of Sleep Buds II, replaced under warranty, and the latest pair has failed like the first two. After a few months one side becomes infused with ear wax and goes almost silent. I have kept them scrupulously clean, but the transducer is not impervious to wax. I also had a pair of the first version, which Bose withdrew and fully reimbursed owners due to failure of the batteries. So my request for Sleep Buds III is simple: make them waterproof! They are an unbelievably good device when they actually work.

    • I’m on the 4. Pair of poods.
      Now I have put a tiny peace of a plastic bag between the pood itself an the cover.
      That prevents wax from plugging an makes it easier to clean. Just put a new peace of plastic in.
      An it hardly don’t disturb the sound.
      I mean: We just wants some noice to come out!

  6. Please Bose—this technology is the best.
    Please refine it and sell us Sleepbuds lll as soon as they are reliable.
    I’m stuck now with one bud providing noise and the other is silent. There is no Bluetooth connection.

    I miss Sleepbuds that work!!!!

  7. If misery loves company, then I’m happy to see I’m not the only one who has issues with the Sleepbuds II. When they work, it’s fantastic–but as already noted here, they don’t always work. Nothing like trying to drift off to sleep and having to fiddle around for 15-20 minutes to get your earbud (yes, almost always the left) to connect. They’re also a tad finicky when returning to the case, as I find I am constantly having to reposition (yes, again the left) earbud so that it will begin charging.

    Even with these issues, overall they are MUCH better than QuietOn, which never worked for me right out of the box. Customer service was rude and pointless. I was lucky to get my money back. Lesson learned there.

  8. I have now had three pairs of sleep buds they get totally clogged with ear wax and I ended up buying a small phone AirPod type pen brush thing that worked for a while tried the Bose recommended using of hydrogen peroxide to melt the hardened wax off the end of the speakers
    In the end I had to take a pin and literally punch minute holes in the black fabric to get sound out of them so it’s only a matter of time now before that eventually fails

  9. Likewise, my left earbud on my 2 year-old Bose Sleepbuds has now failed. The right’s still functioning, thank goodness. I’ve tried deleting then re-downloading the app but that didn’t help. As per others’ comments, in my experience, Bose Sleepbuds are indispensable when they’re both working. I also tried ‘Quieton’ a couple of years back, but was not impressed.

  10. I leave my Speedbuds II in stand-alone mode permanently and they have worked perfectly without fail.

  11. My earlier written comments aren’t posted yet. So, I keep on comin’ untill they post my reaction:

    @ All who is waiting anxiously for the Sleep Buds III, they’re not coming. I had contact with the Dutch customer support, a few weeks ago. They told me that the entire Sleepbuds-programme is stopped. They do not make or sell the II anymore.

    …the whole project is cancelled due to disappointing results (probably low sales)…

    …But I can be mistaken. They cancelled the I also, due to battery problems. There is a chance that Bose can’t tell anything about the development of the Sleepbuds III.

    … If they really are cooking up something, I really hope that It will be possible to listen to Spotify/Youtube as well with those Sleepbuds.

    The fact that that isn’t possible with the II is a bit disappointing, If you’ll ask me. I would make a Spotify playlist with hours and hours of (tropical) thunderstorm sounds, and listen to that when I sleep… Fingers crossed…

  12. Heard anything about Bose Sleepbuds III? Is this just a rumor? My Sleepbuds II just died. If not, any luck with another brand? I have to get something.

    • Hello Jax,

      There are several alternatives available. But, I do not know In what country you live. So, it might be that some of the options I have, may not be available in you country.

      Just Google on Sleep buds and you might find the solution you have in the results… Good luck searching!

  13. I am in similar boat. Mine died yesterday and was sent back for replacement, they told me to wait 3 weeks…lol, I already cant sleep last night..and I will be a zombie in 3 weeks. …also cant find other alternatives, I am using bulky Sony earphones to block out the noise…but cant really sleep well due to the bulkiness

  14. I hope these work for a longer period time for $250 price tag. My the left side of my 2’s stopped working and guess what outside of warranty. Bummer since I loved the 1’s had issues so bought the 2’s and now I’m stuck with one working and the other not! I have to have sleep bugs so I will most likely buy the 3’s but I will be looking into some extended warranty plans. Wish they had better service k owing they have many issues with there produces.

  15. I was just on with Bose asking about their plans for Sleepbuds and he provided the following (what appears to be a standard response):

    Bose Sleepbuds were introduced in 2018, and since then we’ve heard from many customers that they’ve had a positive impact on their lives. Despite their passionate following, Sleepbuds have not reached the level of adoption we hoped they would, and we’ve made the decision to focus our efforts on what matters most to our customers. This includes continuing research and development on our most popular products such as headphones, speakers, soundbars, and car audio, as well as on our critical technologies such as noise cancellation, hearing augmentation and astounding audio experiences.

    While Bose Sleepbuds will be discontinued and our work in the sleep-aid category will end, existing Sleepbuds owners can remain confident that their product warranty will remain intact, and they will continue to receive support for their products where necessary.

  16. Allright, I’ve already posted something about this topic, but I still want to say the following:

    I’ve heard the same thing from Bose as Sam wrote on June 21st. But I think thát is not the only reasen why Bose discontinued the Sleepbuds programme.

    Allthough many users were (very) happy with their improved nights (sleeping better) with the use of the Bose Sleepbuds, there still were/are a bunch of shortcomings. Personally for me those shortcomings are:

    – The Sleepbuds-case need to be recharched every 2-3 days. To my opinion that’s way to short. For the price you’d to pay foor the sleep buds, you might expect a weekly recharge of the case. And not within 2-3 days.

    – The app loses the connection with the left earbud every now and then.

    – The sound from the right earbud is barely hearable after 6-12 month use.

    – You can only play the preset sounds from the Bose app, because there is no connectivity possible with any other services, such as Spotify, Youtube.

    If you want to replace your sleepbuds with a new set, you have to be quick. Because they can only send you new sleepbuds while they still have them in stock. Replacing your sleebuds with a new set is just stay of execution.

    Even if Bose will release a new version, I still will not buy that new version, nor would I ask for a replacement. I rather pay a lot of money for an other pair of sleepbuds or noice cancelling earplugs from a different manufacturer.

  17. I just got the same answer as Sam.

    On the other hand, I found something about ozos sleepbuds. Which is supposedly developed by 3 retired Bose workers and they will launch soon. Can’t really tell if the site is reliable. I hope it’s true!

  18. I’ve been using sleepbuds since they first were released in 2018. I’m on my 5th set now. I’ve had 2 sets of sleepbuds 2, both refurbished. 1st set one bud failed almost immediately. 2nd set I have been using since May with no problems. My issue is that the nickel metal batteries start to lose performance over time, already getting depleted more quickly than when new. I would love to see the next version with high performance lithium batteries that are dependable.

  19. please put ANC ‘with’ noise masking… it will really helpful…

  20. For those on this site not yet aware, a group of individuals from Bose have bought the IP to Sleepbuds and have set up a new company called Ozlo with the express purpose of continuing and improving Sleepbuds. You can find the detail on Indiegogo or Kickstarter ( They have a working prototype as of now I believe, but production versions are slated for July 2024. Whether those dates are kept is a different matter. Still, hugely encouraging that there’s going to be an even better option to the existing (and discontinued) Sleepbuds soon.

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