JBL Flip 5 vs Flip 6: Which Gets the Credit?

The JBL upgraded its Flip models, having made a new Flip 6 version. It’s characterised by unquestionable sound quality together with the improved design of a speaker. However, is it worth buying it, compared to the former Flip 5 version, considering its price? What else should you take into account when picking the gadget that fits your needs?

We’ll figure that out by finding the differences between these two JBL Flip speakers.

jbl flip 5 vs 6

Quick Summary

Both devices are great portable Bluetooth speakers. The JBL Flip 6 has a bigger frequency response range in terms of bass output than the JBL Flip 5. The newer version has an adjustable EQ, allowing a user to set an audio performance for an own preference. It also has longer battery life, making it more capable of listening to music.

The speaker was IP67 rated for dust and water resistance features, so you can be sure that it will survive despite being submerged for 30 minutes or once dropped into the dirt.

The software mostly stayed the same, apart from the upgraded Bluetooth version for the Flip 6, which is 5.1 to 4.2 for the Flip 5.

The devices have almost the same price, so it’s up to your preference and expectations.


jbl flip 5

The JBL Flip 5

View on Amazon: JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The jbl flip 6

The JBL Flip 6

View on Amazon: JBL Flip 6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Flip 5 vs Flip 6: Comparison Chart


JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 6

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Frequency Response Range

65 Гц – 20 кГц

63 Hz – 20 kHz

Output Power

20 watts

20 watts


Material Quality



Waterproof & Dustproof




Battery Life

12 hrs

12 hrs

Charge Time

2.5 hrs

2.5 hrs

Power Saving

Changing Port



Battery Type

Lithium-ion Polymer 17.28Wh

Li-ion polymer 17.28 Wh (equivalent to 3.6V /4800mAh)



Google Assistant


Voice Activation


App Name

JBL Portable

JBL Portable





Stereo Pair Mode

Party Mode


Bluetooth Version



Bluetooth Profiles

A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.6

A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6

Bluetooth Frequency

2.402 – 2.480GHz

2400 MHz - 2483.5 MHz

Bluetooth Transmitted modulation



Bluetooth Transmitting Power


< 10dBm (EIRP)



1.2 lbs (0.54 kg)

1.21 lbs (0.55 kg)

Power Source

Battery & USB

Battery & USB

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Features Face To Face

Here we’ll analyze and compare features, such as sound quality, design, and durability, battery capacity, and software. Read on to find out.

Sound Quality

The Flip 5 speaker possesses a 20-watt woofer, which covers a wide spectrum of sound profiles.

jbl flip 5 bass speaker

View on Amazon: JBL Flip 5 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Moreover, its next version, the Flip 6, has an additional but significant 10-watt tweeter, which incredibly reveals the high sound tones. What stayed the same was the dual passive radiators at the different sides of the speaker.

flip 6 bass

View on Amazon: JBL Flip 6 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The two speakers are characterized by well-balanced stereo mode, but the devices aren’t high-fidelity. The best portable speakers with a party mode have boomy bass together with an excellent low frequency range that produces deep sound (or thanks to a subwoofer). The Flip 5 and 6 also have fine bass output relative to their size and weight; however, these JBL speakers slightly soften the sound profile, emphasizing highs and mids.

The upgraded version provides more precise music tunes while listening and has a greater maximum volume than its predecessor. Nevertheless, its high frequencies sound more pleasant, not cutting deep.

The foremost critical modification is that the Flip 6 features a straightforward equalizer accessible on the JBL Portable app. Thus, the regulations conceivable on the EQ are fixed (1-5 settings for bass, mid, and treble); nonetheless, it is a huge change to have these equalizer settings.

As mentioned before, both JBL products generally got great sound quality, considering their price (less than $150). In case you think practically as for the sound output of a regular waterproof Bluetooth speaker with a relatively small size, the Flip 5 or Flip 6 could be a superior option.

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Check Latest Price: JBL Flip 6

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Design Features

Overall, they have a rugged design. When you have them together, they’re going to feel pretty much like the same speakers. The Flip 5 is typically cylindrical, which looks dull and average. The Flip 6 gets a JBL logo on the center, making it look more stylish, whereas, on the former version, the logo looked smaller and cheaper, reminding a regular sticker. The exclamation point is shinier this time at the end of a speaker, and there’s no JBL logo on the other side.

jbl flip 5 vs 6 logo

Both gadgets are light, around 1.2 pounds, and their physical parameters didn’t increase or decrease significantly. Due to this, the devices don’t have a flat bottom stand, making their shape perfectly tubular. The radiators are resilient and bouncy, keeping the pace and beat of the music.

The Flip 6 wins by having the small rubber stand all the way on the base. It nicely maintains the speaker’s position, not necessarily making it look massive. The previous model has a rubberized line in order to avoid needless rolling. While operating, the speaker can sit either vertically or horizontally; yet it’s been manufactured to work on the stand.

As for the button details, they are easily touchable and considerable in size. There’s no booster light for the top buttons; however, they are tactile in the dark. The gadgets don’t have a built-in microphone or an aux port. They use a USB-C cable for charging.

jbl flip 5 vs 6 buttons

Speaking about design features, the definite winner is the Flip 6 as it has a more stylish and durable form.

Check Price: JBL Flip 5

Check Price: JBL Flip 6


The last model is dust-proof tagged, with an IP67 rating. The rating for the predecessor is IPX7, so it’s also water resistant but is not rated for dirt repelling. Practically, due to a reliable wired mesh, which makes up the shape, and strong sound output, the Flip 5 stays undamaged while exposed to these factors. One moment to take into consideration is the possible impact on the radiators as they are not protected well.

jbl flip 5 vs 6 waterproof

As the Flip 6 has a big centered logo, it’s more likely to be scratched than a small sticker on the Flip 5. But since it has a rubber stand, it’s safe from falling off the table or other surfaces.

In general, the speakers are well-built and solid in work. Henceforth, it’s hard to determine who prevails in this category as the Flip 5 has a longer track record, while the Flip 6 gets a reliable base stand.

Battery Capability

As you can see from the comparison chart, there’s no main difference between these two Bluetooth speakers. They have the same Lithium-ion 4,8 mAh battery. It possesses a moderate capacity, meaning the battery is ordinary.

jbl flip 5 vs 6 charge

The JBL website speaks about 12 hours of operating time; however, on practise, it appears that it shortened to 8. While testing, the music was at a moderate level (40-50%), potentially influencing the runtime. So at the highest volume, it even dropped till 6 hours staying on. It’s worth mentioning that due to strong output, it’s not crucial to raise the sound level to max volume.

Unluckily, the Flip series do not provide a power bank feature like with the Charge models. This would give you an opportunity to power your phone or other gadgets.

These models have a battery indicator bar to see how much charge remains. As a benefit, it doesn’t produce loud warnings like “low battery” or flashing light. As a disadvantage, paying attention at the battery level might be hard, as it’s not well-observable.

So, the battery capability looks the same for the speakers, and this criterion is not the main one you should rely on.


The devices are well-matched with the JBL Portable app. We can’t say it’s remarkable, but it can assist a speaker’s working. It’s also compatible with the JBL’s PartyBoost feature.

While using the app, you are able to pick any name for the speaker, update firmware, and check for the battery’s power.

The Flip 6 has finally got a graphic equalizer, which allows the user to adjust bass, mids, and highs. It also doesn’t give any nice additions like setting the speaker for podcasts, or any kind of music.

What paid attention to was the inaccuracy of battery life status while testing the Flip 6 version. When the device had almost no charge, it still appeared like it was around 15-20%.

The app doesn’t give more options like switching songs or changing volumes.

The newer version has an upgrade in Bluetooth version having 5.1, whereas the former one has older Bluetooth 4.2.

Both speakers don’t have a mic, google assistant, power bank feature, or other superior features that measure the ‘smartness’ of the device.

Final Thoughts

The Flip 5 and 6 are perfect choices for their affordable prices. They have great sound quality together with strong output, which is all balanced due to the wide frequency range.

The last model gets more options like an adjustable equalizer and upgraded Bluetooth version, plus it has a more durable design with a practical stand base.

It’s achievable to purchase the Flip 5 with a solid discount as the Flip 6 has been issued recently.

In the clash of the JBL Flip 5 vs Flip 6 the credits gets an improved newer version.

Check Latest Price: JBL Flip 5

Check Latest Price: JBL Flip 6

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