The ReMarkable 3 Release Date

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Users are highly wondering what is the release date of the ReMarkable 3, a tablet for writing that mimics the feel of regular paper with E Ink technology.

ReMarkable 3 Release Date

We see that the latest version has received the best reviews from users. It happened due to the feeling of when you utilize it, the writing seems so natural that it is easy to deceive yourself into believing that you are writing on regular paper.

Here’s everything we know about the ReMarkable Gen 3 and a few things we want to see in its new feature list.

The Release Date of the ReMarkable 3

We analyzed all available official information from the company and did not find any suggestions as for the new release. Also, we did not find any leaks from insiders.

  • The ReMarkable Gen 1, was released at the end of 2017 at a price of 499 USD/EUR
  • The ReMarkable 2 was announced on March 17, 2020, and has been on sale in batches since mid-2020 for $399/€

ReMarkable release dates

If ReMarkable had followed its iteration, then a new ReMarkable 3 could be expected in 2023. But this is not always accurate, we think it will not happen before 2024. ReMarkable has not requested the Federal Communications Commission at for permission to sell new wireless devices since 2021. Based on their past activities with ReMarkable and ReMarkable 2, it usually takes them 12 to 18 months from when they first request this permission to when they are ready to start selling. Thus, we can assume that the ReMarkable 3 release date is mid or late 2024.

If you take a look at the list of upgrades that users are expecting, you will see a few points of comparison and you will realize that the tablet falls behind in terms of technical parameters among other competitors. And this once again confirms that the tablet should be released soon.

Can’t wait any longer? If you’re in dire need of a superior tablet that resembles paper, I suggest you contemplate purchasing the presently available ReMarkable 2.
ReMarkable 2
195 Reviews
ReMarkable 2

  • The Only Tablet That Feels Like Paper
  • All Your Notes Organized And Accessible
  • Designed To Help You Focus

ReMarkable 2 (GREY)
ReMarkable 2 (GREY)
$549.00 −$50.00 $499.00

ReMarkable Software

If you can’t wait for the new model and use ReMarkable 2, you can still upgrade the software.

ReMarkable 3.0
reMarkable 3.0 Beta Initial Impressions

The Price of the ReMarkable 3

A quick look at the prices of previous models:

  • The ReMarkable Gen 1 – $499
  • The ReMarkable 2 – $399

Considering the latest world events and supply chain issues, we do not expect a price drop. Most likely, the price of the ReMarkable 3 will be $399 + Marker $49. Of course, this may change and the company may adjust the price to be higher.

What Features Would You Like to Be Upgraded?

By voting, you will find out what other users are most looking forward to in the new version.

Hardware improvements

You cannot vote again.
Even faster display response (the ReMarkable gen 2 has a delay of 21 milliseconds, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 has a delay of 9 milliseconds)
New processor
The screen resolution is even higher (although the ReMarkable gen 2 has a pretty good 226 DPI, compared to the iPad 264 DPI)
Even longer battery life

Functional improvements

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Screen backlight
Display mode – landscape view
Desktop Application
New undo and redo gestures (work without the toolbar when you are focused)
Ability to take longer notes without interruption
Improving existing writing templates
Type notes in the app
What Would You Like To See In The reMarkable 3?

Key and Noteworthy Features of ReMarkable

So now that we have a rough idea of the release date of the new ReMarkable 3 tablet and its upcoming price, let’s talk about what the ReMarkable 2 actually has to offer.


  • 3″ CANVAS monochrome display
  • Resolution 226 DPI (pretty good)
  • Looks just like a piece of paper from a distance
  • Apps available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS
  • Multifunctional software
  • Battery life of up to two weeks
  • Only 4.7mm thick, rivaling even the iPad!
  • Lightweight aluminum body, weighs only 0.89 pounds
  • You can read e-PUB and PDF files
  • You can convert your handwriting to digital, editable text
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Paid subscription (but you are not required to purchase it)
  • The premium Marker Plus pen is an additional accessory (but you don’t have to buy it)

Advice: Don’t buy a refurbished version of it! This Reddit thread is full of complaints from people who have bought the ReMarkable refurbished tablets. Check it out to get an idea of the issues you might face with.


Does ReMarkable 2 work without a subscription?

You don't need a subscription to use the ReMarkable tablet. If you would like to purchase a subscription, there is a free 1-year trial of Connect.

Does the ReMarkable 2 have an Internet?

It has Internet access via Wi-Fi, but no web browser. The tablet is designed for reading, writing, and visualization. It is possible to synchronize your documents with cloud storage and send e-mails.

Does ReMarkable 2 have a monthly free?

Purchase includes an annual free subscription, after which the monthly fee is $2.99. After the trial period has expired, there is an option to cancel the paid subscription if you wish.

Will ReMarkable 2 have colors?

When you write with a marker while using Screen Share, you can choose between red and blue, black, white, and gray.

Do ReMarkable pens wear out?

They have the ability to wear out. The life of marker nibs depends on the writing technique and frequency of use. The average time to use one nib is 3-7 weeks. There are 10 nibs in the set.

Can you use Excel on ReMarkable 2?

You cannot work with Excel or Word documents. The tablet supports PDF files, PNG images and illustrations.

Is ReMarkable made in China?

The short answer is yes. The ReMarkable is the result of a partnership with the Japanese company Wacom. The assembly is made by the Chinese company Shenzhen Kaifa Technology.

When ReMarkable 3 is released?

If the Markable sticks to its iteration, then the new tablet will be released in 2023 at a surprising price.
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  1. Quiero que la nueva remarkable v3 tenga la opción de trabajar con Kindle, Gogogle Drive ya lo tiene y a Gogogle play.

    Me compraría la remarkable 3 si integran también a Kindle

  2. Quiero que la nueva tablet reMarkable 3 que sea compactible sin problemas kindle, play book de gogogle y los demás formatos.
    Si viene con esos formatos, soy un cliente seguro.
    También que incluya la facilidad de escribir algún tema y se pueda consultar las fuentes de consulta, y te vuelva al tema que se esté estudiando.
    Que reMarcable 3 sirva estudiantes. Creo que sería bueno que la empresa se abra para medios educativos, que los estudiantes puedan usar a reMarcable 3 como un cuaderno y a la vez de consultas con los documentos educativos
    Que tenga su luz propia para su uso en la noche, esto es absolutamente importante.

  3. Se me quedô un tema, y es el de los idiomas tanto en el dispositivo con en su página web.
    El español
    En la página web no traduce todos los contenidos en español

  4. Cuando salga el reMarcable 3, que la estoy esperando, si viene con su luz propia, compactible sin problemas con kindle y todos los aplicaciones de Microsoft, y gogogle play book.
    Me la compro.
    Y por supuesto con más funciones del mundo educativo.
    Si llega as, valdría la pena comrarla y regalársela a mis nietos como instrumento educativo.

  5. I would like to see the ability to draw a straight line, so I don’t have to carry a plastic rule around – that is beyond silly (there is no reason this couldn’t also be made as a software upgrade for the reMarkable 2).

    Handwriting recognition without both a subscription and internet connection would be nice. Even the Apple Newton 30 years ago made the effort (it did it badly, but at least it tried).

    It would also be nice to read Amazon e-books, but Amazon are perhaps less interested in selling e-books and more interested in selling their own e-ink readers.

    If the reMarkable company doesn’t want to make features themselves, then they should at least make it easy to modify it without risking bricking it.

    The reMarkable company is hiding behind the “just like a real notepad” slogan too such a degree that I will not buy their products again. A real notepad does not require a monthly subscription.

    Their products are priced ridiculously high for next to no features. I must pay $150 USD in my country for just a pen. The reMarkable 3 must be a revolution for it to be even remotely interesting for me.

  6. I’m really hoping the ReMarkable 3 addresses the delay issue. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8’s 9 milliseconds is impressive, and if ReMarkable can get close to that, it’ll be perfect for my note-taking needs.

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